The story is that Edison, Ford and Goodyear used to meet at Edison's place in Fort Meyers. They'd go fishing on the pier without putting any bait on their hooks, because they didn't want to be disturbed.

They were there for the conversation. The brainstorming. 
The benefit of getting an outside perspective on their business.

This is how cars came to have rubber tires. Ford's plan was to have steel wheels, the way buggys were made. Goodyear said, "It would be a more comfortable ride with a cushion of air inside a rubber tire. I could do that." And the rest is automotive history.

They referred to these conversations as their MasterMind.

It's what to do.

Several years ago people started realizing they knew what to do, but life got in the way of doing it. {What a concept.} So they formed accountability groups. People who would listen when they said what they were going to do, and hold them accountable for action.

It's how things get done.