Imagine you have a four-drawer filing cabinet dedicated to marketing your business. 
The drawers are labeled:

1: Advertising
2: Cold Calling
3: Referrals
4: Customer Service 

The hanging files, file folders and documents in each drawer let you know, automatically

  • when to say yes to an advertising opportunity that walks in the door,
    and when to recognize that a great price isn't a good deal
  • how to choose between cold calling for two hours or perfecting a project for a client
  • what to give clients as a thank-you gift when they send you a referral and what to
    put in a golf tournament goody bag
  • who to target market to -  so that working always equals making money
  • where to spend associate membership dollars and how to prioritize networking
    events on your calendar.

Good news!  There are systems for deciding which of more than 100 different
advertising methods will work for your business. 

It’s easy to know exactly how much time to spend marketing, and with whom.  

 Choosing the right organizations to join becomes automatic and profitable.

And generating referrals from clients, GateOpeners and business associates is natural when everything in the Marketing file cabinet 
fits together.

The work is simple; the results are bank deposits in your bank account.