You Wouldn't Build A House Without A Plan

Our hero is driving for the first time on a road near his home. The road is well-paved, and he hasn't seen another car in 4 gentle curves. The fields on either side are verdant, interrupted for a moment by a small sign on the left that reads: 


Slam. Brakes. Pull over. What?
How could this be true?
Five acres in this paradise for an amount he can get his hands on in a few hours?

So he does what you or I would do . . . (what millions of people with a good business idea do) . . . he rushes straight to Home Depot to buy some lumber.

You didn't start your business that way,
did you?

Rolling toward the checkout he turns right on the plumbing aisle. Toilets. He's going to need a toilet. It's only a few hundred dollars, he may as well get it while he's here.

Loading $3500 worth of wood, power tools and the porcelain into his car (doesn't fit, worried it may fall out, but the price of the property is so good!) he pulls out into traffic and heads back to paradise, where he drives off the road into the middle of gorgeous to unload. Nothing fell out. Must be a good omen. This was meant to be, he thinks with a smile.

Are you picking up on the metaphor?
A good idea could become a good business,
but the concept isn't the most important part. 

  1. For our hero the first step is to call and find out where the available property is.
  2. Before he pays for lumber he needs to know what, exactly,  he's going to build.
  3. And while he will need a toilet . . . first the land needs to be surveyed, purchased and cleared; a contractor chosen; the house designed and framed.

A marketing plan is to a business
what the design is to a house.

SuccessPrints - drawings - floorplan.jpg

A marketing plan means
you build a business
by design.